Windshield Rock Chip Repair

Frequently asked questions

Most rock chip repairs range from $30.00 to $60.00 depending on the size and severity of the break.

Most rock chip repairs range from 20 to 30 minutes to complete.  During the summer months, a repair may take longer due to the amount of time it takes to allow a windshield to cool down prior to initiating the repair process.

We will not repair a crack that exceeds the length of a dollar bill.  We will also not repair cracks that have run to the edge of the glass or a break that has breached the full windshield.

We don’t recommend this, due to the possibility of the break spreading.  This may be due to temperature fluctuations (cold water on a hot windshield in the summer) which may cause the crack or chip to migrate.

We don’t recommend waiting especially during the summer months.  Our suggestion is to have the repair attended to as soon as possible.

rock Chip repairs

Most rock chip repairs take 20 – 30 minutes to complete.  Our repairs come with a lifetime guarantee against the migration of the crack or break.  Pricing is based upon the size and severity of the chip or crack.  

Larger Cracks

We can repair cracks up to a dollar bill length.  This type of repair usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. 

What you should be aware of before initiating a repair

About 99% of our rock chip repairs are conducted successfully.  However before beginning a repair, we will have you sign a disclaimer waiving any responsibility if the break begins to spread during the repair process.  We take every precaution to prevent the spread of breaks/cracks that we are attempting to repair (such as cooling the windshield down during the 115 degree days in July and August).  

Rock chip or crack repairs will NOT make your windshield look like new.  Some do cure very well, to the point that they are almost indistinguishable from debris on the windshield.  However, this is not always the case, especially with severe or large cracks.  The primary reason a vehicle owner will request a repair is to prevent the chip from becoming a large crack, forcing the vehicle owner to replace his or her windshield.  This is usually a costly replacement that they would, understandably, prefer not to have done.

One of the reasons some rock chip repairs are visually better than others depends on the chip or crack.  Chips with many lines radiating from the point of impact are the most difficult to repair with a clean result.  This is usually because some of the lines twist, and refract light at certain angles.  A good quality repair resin will minimize this effect, however even the best resin in the world can’t change the laws of physics.  At certain angles, you may be able to see the faint hinting of light flashing or refracting off of a sealed line.  This in no way compromises the integrity of the repair.  The break is still warrantied against spreading.

Clean your windshield thoroughly before bringing your vehicle in for a repair to any glass facility.  There have been many a time that a customer brought their vehicle in for a rock chip or crack repair, only to have my technician wipe the “break” off with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.  I have had customers insist that they have had a chip repaired and the glass was “like a new windshield” without any signs that the large chip was ever there.  Yes, there are unscrupulous glass shops that will be happy to charge you for a repair, after cleaning your bug mark off the windshield.

There is no law that regulates when a chip will spread.  Now, we can confirm that temperature changes, or fluctuations can cause a chip to spread.  By this principle, windshield chips are more likely to spread during the hot summer months, when the temperatures drop in the evening.  Car washes are not advised until after the chip has been repaired.  This is due to the temperature change that occurs during the summer when cold water hits a windshield with a temperature that most likely exceeds 150 degrees.  That being said, we have also witnessed cases where a customer has had a rock chip for several years before it ran.  

When we tell you that we will not recommend a repair, that is because, from our professional standpoint, you will only be throwing your money away.  There have been so many cases where a customer comes in with a 3 foot long break, furious that we will not repair the crack.  So, what we are trying to explain, is that even the best resins only have a set tinsel strength.   The longer the crack, the less effective the resin will be at maintaining stability of the break.  The industry standard is the length of a dollar bill.  If your break exceeds that size, any “reputable” glass shop that repairs the crack does so fully aware that the repair can’t be warrantied, and will most likely spread.  What adds insult to injury is that most large repairs cost more, because they take more resin to repair.  So a repair, that may cost you upwards of $100.00 may only last the vehicle owner a week.  No reputable glass shop want’s to be responsible for an irate vehicle owner, who is back for a warranty claim, on a repair that they were fully aware, was going to spread.  It is a waste of time and product for the glass repair shop, and a wasted endeavor for a frustrated customer.  The only difference is the glass repair technician or sales associate is fully aware of the future consequences, the customer usually is not. 

When we conduct a rock chip repair, there are several steps we take.  If necessary, a minuscule hole is drilled into the point of origin.  Then a bridge and pump are mounted onto the windshield over the center of the break and UV activated resin is fed into the bridge.  The pump is set for five minutes, and then reversed to remove excess air and resin.  This process is repeated until all the lines extending from the center of the impact are filled.  Finally, a UV enhancing sleeve is placed over the break and a UV lamp is mounted on the glass to cure the resin to a hard consistency.  All excess resin is removed from the windshield after the cure period with a razor blade, and the area is buffed with a polishing solution.  

Once the repair is completed, you can wash your car immediately.  So many people ask me this question after a repair, “Can I wash my car now?”……..and the answer is yes!