Window Tinting

Frequently asked questions

The duration of time it takes to tint a vehicle depends on the vehicle.  Most conventional sedans and coupes take 1 – 1 1/2 hours to tint.  Luxury vehicles take longer on average, about 2 hours for a clean job.  Minivans and SUV’s also take about two hours on average.  If a clear windshield treatment is requested by the customer, this usually adds another hour to the work order.

The legal limitation in the state of Nevada for your front two doors is 35%, that is, your film must allow at least 35% of visible light transmission.  Your rear doors, vents, quarter windows, and back glass have no legal limitation, so you can tint them as dark as you would prefer.  

You are allowed to tint a visor strip at the top of your windshield down to the length of the AS1 demarcation on your windshield.  There is no darkness restriction for a visor.

The manufacturer we prefer is Johnson Window Films.  We only use their lifetime warranty lines, the two that we favor are Marathon and Insulatir.  The first is a lifetime warranty hybridized metal film.  The second is a nano-ceramic film.  Again, both are backed by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

No.  Customers who have had a 95 – 100% heat rejecting nano-ceramic film can tell the difference between the heat rejection of a ceramic versus a high performance film. 

Do not roll your windows up or down for 48 hours in the summer months, and up to two weeks in the winter months.  Your film is applied with moisture which needs to evaporate out from between the film and the glass.  This “cure” period can be as short as four hours in the summer during a 118 degree day or as long as a month in December.  We also recommend that you wait until the film is fully cured before wiping the inside of the windows.  If there are areas that look “watery”, wait until after the cure period before taking it back to the tint shop.  100% of the time, the moisture cures out and you will be saving yourself an unnecessary trip.

Your film is warrantied by Johnson Window Films against fading, turning purple, hazing, bubbling, delamination, wrinkling, and peeling. Your film is warranties for the duration of your ownership.  That means that the warranty is non-transferable, so if you trade your vehicle into the dealership to upgrade to a newer model, the warranty does not transfer over to the dealer.

You will need to know that:

  • The time it takes to remove existing window film and tint a vehicle again is substantially longer than simply tinting it.
  • It takes longer, not only because we are removing the film, but because we steam off the film to prevent damage to the back glass defrost system and any embedded antennas.
  • Sometimes, the film is of such poor quality or in such a degraded state that it may begin to shred or delaminate during the removal process, which adds more time and labor to the process.
  • Your price will depend on the quality and state of the film, which can only be determined after viewing the vehicle.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Trying to remove the film from the back glass yourself only makes our job more difficult.  Most times, customers will bring the vehicle in with the film removed and the glue covering the back glass.  Please keep in mind that this only increases the removal cost, because it takes us twice to three times as long to remove the glue from the glass versus steaming the film which comes off with the glue adhering to it.

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Johnson Window Films

InsulatIR Nano Ceramic Film

  • Nano Ceramic Construction – long-lasting film with sophisticated appearance
  • Solar Heat Rejection – superior solar heat/infrared ray rejection
  • Signal Friendly – non-conductive, compatible with GPS and radio signal devices
  • Cuts Down On Hazardous Glare – provides a more comfortable driving experience
  • Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Rays – reduces interior fading and protects your skin & eyes
  • CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat – better durability, protection and clarity
  • Backed by Johnson Window Films’ Comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty Program

Marathon High Performance Film

  • Great Color – universal black shade matches closely with factory tinted windows
  • High Performance – hybrid metal/dye design rejects heat and reduces hazardous glare
  • Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Rays – reduces interior fading and protects your skin & eyes
  • CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat – better durability, protection and clarity
  • Backed by Johnson Window Films’ comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty program

The most common questions regarding window tinting are in reference to the solar protection, UVA & UVB protection, and Infrared rejection of our window film.  The spec sheets listed above, along with the link to should answer most questions regarding the two most popular products that we carry.