Window Motor & Regulator Replacement

Your window regulator is the mechanism that is powered by the window motor to raise and lower your window.  

If you toggle your window switch to raise and lower the window, and you hear a grinding sound and your window is not raising or lowering properly, you most likely need to replace your window regulator.  If you do not hear any noise in your door panel (dead silence), then you may need to replace your window switch or window motor.  However, we recommend getting a diagnostic check with any glass shop or mechanic to be certain.

The price of a window motor or regulator replacement varies based on the year, make, model, and sometimes body style of a vehicle.  It can also vary depending on which motor or regulator (front door or rear door) needs to be replaced.  We recommend calling with your vehicle information to get an accurate quote.

Most window motor or regulator replacements take one to one and a half hours to complete.  Some luxury or non-standard replacements may take longer.  To get an exact time frame regarding a replacement, we recommend calling us or your replacement facility for confirmation.

Most window motor or regulator replacements come with a standard one year warranty on parts and labor.  On some vehicles, we also offer a lifetime warranty on parts for an extra charge.

Why your window will not roll up or down

Sometimes, a window on a vehicle stops rolling up or down.  For a power window, the cause may be the window switch (the toggle you press to roll your window up or down), the window motor, or the window regulator.  

There are different types

Unless your vehicle has a cross arm or single arm sector system regulator, there is no “off track” problems with your window regulator.  Most of today’s modern vehicles employ window regulators that are single or dual arm steel cable pulley systems.  This is because they are more light weight and easier to replace, assisting in a vehicles fuel efficiency rating.

Some come mounted onto an inner panel

More and more luxury vehicle manufacturers are using inner panels under the interior door panel for superior sound & weather proofing.  Most regulators come affixed to these panels.  Usually, when one needs to be replaced, the whole panel must be replaced.