Side and Back Glass Replacement

Door Glass REplacement

We offer fast efficient service for your door glass replacement needs.  Our service includes complimentary clean up of any loose glass inside the door panel and interior of the vehicle.  

Front or Rear Vent Glass Replacement

We professionally replace automotive vent Windows.  These are known as the small triangular or semi circle shaped windows located on vehicle doors, not the body of the vehicle.  These windows are usually stationary (do not open), and can be found on both the front and rear doors depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Quarter Glass Replacement

We offer Quality installation of quarter windows on vehicles.  Unlike Vent windows, most quarter windows have to be installed with an adhesive/primer kit system, similar to the installation of a front windshield.  These windows are found on the body of the vehicle, never on the door.

Back Glass REplacement

We provide prompt professional service for back window replacement, for the customer’s peace of mind, and protection from harsh environmental elements.  This type of installation, similar to quarter glass and windshield installations, require an adhesive/primer kit the majority of the time.

Frequently asked Questions

You will need the Year, Make, Model and possibly the body style of your vehicle.  You will also have to relay to us which glass is broken.  This is crucial for an accurate quote, so please refer to the diagrams below for assistance.

First, do not roll or toggle your power window switch up up or down without an intact glass in your door.  This is because you may compromise your window regulator in the process of rolling it up or down.  Some newer vehicles use the glass as a natural stop for the lift plate, which your window is attached to.  In many cases, we have removed the door panel, only to find the lift plate disengaged from the regulator because the customer unknowingly rolled the regulator completely up without a glass in the frame.  This recommendation also applies to power sliders for trucks with an automatic back window.

Yes, that is part of our service.  We also attempt to remove all the glass from within your door panel.

Most work orders for door windows take one hour to complete.  On some luxury vehicle, a door glass replacement may take longer.  Vent and quarter glass replacements vary depending on the vehicle, as do back windows.  We recommend contacting us for a definitive time frame regarding your glass installation.

Tempered glass is a high heat treated glass that is 4 to 5 times stronger than standard plate glass.  When it’s resistance threshold is breached, it will shatter into tiny cubes.  Laminated glass is basically a glass sandwich. It is made of two or more plies or layers of glass with a vinyl interlayer between them.  This prevents the glass from shattering from a break, and collapsing into the vehicle.  All manufactured windshields in vehicles are laminated glass, however more and more vehicle manufacturers are offering laminate glass for side windows.

To determine which glass you need to replace, please reference this diagram.